Mixly Uno R3 Basic kit for visual programming

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Arduino is a very popular platform since its being Open Source in terms of both software and hardware. More and more people want to learn Arduino programming. But once they open the software Arduino IDE to check the samples, the complicated code frustrates them. For those without programming basics, Arduino programming is definitely a big obstacle. Fortunately, you have Mixly – a free, open source, graphical visual programming language software based on Arduino, which will make programming as easy as building blocks.

The Mixly GUI software is developed based on Blockly and Java8, which can run on OS Win7 or above. The Arduino IDE installation file, instructional lessons, and sample code are included in the package.

The main interface of Mixly is concise and clear. Block categories are at left, the coding area is at the center. You can see the buttons to center, to zoom in or out, and to delete at the right side. Then the grey bar at the bottom top is the tool bar including all function menus, and the area at the very bottom, is the message display.

  • UNO R3 compatible
  • Expansion Sensor Shield Module with Anti-Reverse connector 
  • IIC 1602 blue display
  • remote control
  • SG90 servo
  • Beam Photoelectric Sensor
  • Adjustable Potentiometer Rotary Module
  • IR receiver module
  • red green 2 colors led module
  • RGB module
  • button module with cap
  • TTP223 touch module
  • 4 AA Battery Case Holder Box
  • USB cable
  • big plastic box 23*16*6cm
  • 10MM Blue LED module
  • active buzzer module
  • passive buzzer module
  • HC-SR04 distance module
  • DHT11 module
  • 10mm Red led module
  • 10mm Green led module
  • fan kit 
  • 7 color led module
  • Water Sensor
  • tilt module
  • Light Photoresistor module
  • sound module
  • screw
  • XH red white ribbon cable 6pcs 3P
  • XH red white ribbon cable 6pcs 4P
  • 20cm female to male dupont wire 10pcs
  • hall module
  • flame module
  • 5v relay module
  • 130 motor
  • 20cm male to male dupont wire 10pcs
  • 20cm female to female dupont wire 10pcs