SparkFun Servo Trigger - Continuous Rotation

Brand: Sparkfun
Product Code: SPF-06555
EAN: 4779044516810
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Sparkun Servo motor controller. The module makes it easy to control Continuous rotation Servo motors without writing any code. All it needs is to simply set the positions A, B and the speed with the potentiometers. When a high logic signal is applied to the control terminal, the motor will rotate from position A to B, returning to position A when the signal is stopped. It is possible to connect several such modules in parallel, supplying them with the same GND and Control signals.

Technical specs and features:
  • Designed to control Continuous rotation servo motors without any programming
  • Supply voltage: 5-5.5 V DC
  • Current consumption: 5mA
  • Microcontroller: ATtiny84, connections left to reprogram it
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