3.7V-5V microSD MP3 Keitiklio Modulis

Prekės kodas: AN0214-93A
EAN: 4779044510573
Prieinamumas: Parduotuvėje Vilniuje NĖRA
Parduotuvėje Kaune YRA
Be mokesčių: 1.65€


Support MP3 play format
Can play T / SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio source (LineIn), insert the card before play, can also be switched by the Mode button
Automatic detection of whether the headset is plugged in. The IO port (Mute) can directly switch external amplifier, no need plug-in transistor
Uses one AD-key port to achieve a variety of key combinations
There are two sets of AD-key keyboards for you to choose
Supports 3 FM radio chips: RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E
Supports USB audio mode
Does not support infrared remote control, USB device mode