DC/DC įtampos keitiklis iš 8.5V-48V į 10-50V 10A 250W (STEP UP)

Prekės kodas: AS1561
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
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The module uses imported power management chip design, high reliability, small inrush current, small size (length 70MM * width 36MM * high 13MM) efficiency up to 96%, maximum power 250W. The aluminum plate design is easy to install, and the back of the plate can be directly affixed to the metal shell to dissipate heat. Reduce equipment space.


  • Module Properties: Non-Isolated Boost Module
  • Input voltage: DC 8.5V-48V
  • Input current: 10A (MAX) exceeds 8A or module temperature exceeds 60 degrees
  • Static operating current: 10mA (12V 20V, higher output voltage quiescent current will increase)
  • Output voltage: 10-50V continuously adjustable (default delivery) Boost module, suitable for applications where the input voltage is less than the output voltage cannot be reduced
  • Output current: 10A MAX More than 6A, please strengthen the heat dissipation (related to the input and output pressure difference, the larger the pressure difference, the smaller the output current)
  • Constant current range: 0.2-8A
  • Output power = input voltage * 10A, such as: input 12V * 5A = 60W, input 24V * 5A = 120W, input 36V * 5A = 180W, input 48V * 5A = 240W
  • Potentiometer: CC is constant current regulation; CV is constant voltage regulation.
  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees (enhance the heat when the ambient temperature is too high)
  • Operating frequency: 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 96% (efficiencies related to input, output voltage, current, differential pressure)
  • Over-current protection: yes (input exceeds 13A, the output voltage is automatically reduced, there is a certain range of error.)
  • Input reverse polarity protection: Yes, (less than 5A if needed more in the reverse current, please input the string into the diode)
  • Installation method: 4 3mm screw holes
  • Wiring: Wiring output, VIN+ is input positive, VIN- is input negative, OUT+ is output positive, OUT- is output negative.
  • Module size: length 70mm width 36mm height 13mm
  • Module single weight: about 50 g

Output voltage/current regulation method:

Adjust the CV potentiometer and set the output voltage to your desired voltage based on your battery or LED. Such as 10 series LED voltage regulation 37V. Turn the CC potentiometer clockwise for about 30 turns, set the output current to minimum, connect the LED, and adjust the CC potentiometer to your desired current. For battery charging, after discharging the battery, connect it to the output and adjust the CC to your desired current. (For charging, be sure to use the discharged battery to adjust the battery, because the battery is more More, the smaller the charging current.)

Please do not adjust the current by short circuit. The circuit structure of the boost module cannot be adjusted by short circuit.

Application range:

  • DIY a power supply, input 12V, output can be adjusted 12-50V.
  • To power your electronic device, you can set the output value according to your system voltage.
  • As a car power supply, power your laptop, PDA or various digital products.
  • DIY high-power notebook mobile power: With a large-capacity 12V lithium battery pack, you can use where your notebook can go.
  • Solar panel voltage regulator.
  • Charge batteries, lithium batteries, etc.
  • Drive high-power LED lights.