PROFI Dynamic XL - Marble run rinkinys
More action, much faster and much larger! With the special parts such as 90° curves, cross-overs and jumps with catch funnel, the balls race through tight c..
138.00€ 95.00€
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PLUS Variklio rinkinys XM
High performance geared motor in compact plastic casing with numerous possibilities for attachments. With many toothed gears, axles and gearbox parts. Performa..
PLUS Sound+Lights Set  Garso ir Šviesų rinkinys
If you want to breathe still more „life“ into the fischertechnik models using sounds and lights then the „Sound+Lights Set“ is the ideal..
48.00€ 30.00€
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PLUS Power Set  Maitinimo rinkinys
Power pack and infinite Power Controller. The power supply from the electrical socket for all fischertechnik models. Power Pack Performance Data: Voltage 9V/..
50.00€ 35.00€
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PLUS Motor Set XS Variklio rinkinys
Thanks to the compact measurements, this motor can be installed almost anyplace. In addition to the building blocks, gearbox parts and toothed gears, the set al..
36.00€ 25.00€
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PLUS Creative Box 1000  Dežutė su konstruktoriumi
More than 700 components from the current fischertechnik assortment. Packed in BOX 1000 with building board 390 x 270 mm as cover...
PLUS Box 1000 Dežučių su skyreliais rinkinys
Practical storage box with eight sorting boxes and 32 sorting partitions. The cover also serves as the big building board 390 x 270 mm...
PLUS Accu Set  Nešiojamas maitinimo šaltinis
Charger, which is controlled by a microcontroller and provides reliable protection against overcharging. Very short charging time, max. two hours, powerful NiMH..
60.00€ 40.00€
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Ozobot Bit 2.0 interaktyvių robotų rinkinys - du robotai juodas ir baltas
„Ozobot Bit 2.0“ interaktyvus robotų dvigubas rinkinys, nėra šių robotų galimybių pabaigos, nes jūsų vaikas sukuria kitą nuotykių, žaidimų ir kodavimo su O..
Prekių pristatymas 3-5 d.d.
Mokomasis rinkinys Colony Kit
Lengvas būdas suprasti elektroniką ir programavimą. Jūs galėsite sukurti protingus „Arduino“ roboto namus...
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Mokomasis Raspberry rinkinys - programuok Linux aplinkoje naudojant Python programavimo kalbą
Have you thought about turning your computer into a mini-server which performs a task around the clock or runs a specific job on demand? In this case, a laptop ..
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Mokomasis Elektronikos Rinkinys - Elektrinės grandinės
Šis rinkinys sukurtas pagal mokomąją knygą „Elektronika – Elektrinės grandinės“. Kas yra elektrinės grandinės? Geriausias būdas išsiaiškinti –  surinkti j..
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Maitinimo šaltinis 9V
fischertechnik Power supply 9V ..
Konvejerio simuliacijos rinkinys 9V
Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for training and industrial automation Already completed, stable training model Mounted on a solid wooden..
Konvejerio simuliacijos rinkinys 24V
Ideal training, simulation and demonstration model for training and industrial automation Already completed, stable training model Mounted on a solid wooden..
246.00€ 165.00€
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fischertechnik Valdymo blokas
The four channel infrared remote control allows you to control fischertechnik models from a distance as well. Up to three motors and one servo can be controlled..
53.00€ 45.00€
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Fischertechnik Profi Technical Revolutions rinkinys
On the trail of James Watt, Michael Faraday and other famous inventors. The construction set brings new life to important moments of technology history. Importa..
Fischertechnik Profi Mechanic and Static rinkinys
30 models 500 components Construction kit containing activity booklets Made in Germany High-quality product     Product Description The ul..
Fischertechnik Buldozerio XL rinkinys
Technical Details Item Weight 1.52 Kg Product Dimensions 46.5 x 32 x 8 cm Manufacturer recommended age: 7 years and up Item model..
78.50€ 55.00€
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Fischertechnik "Robotics-LT Beginner" rinkinys
Do you want to help your children get an early interest in programming and engineering? Then look no further as this is a complete package for beginners. Consis..
144.50€ 99.00€
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