TEC1-4905 4A 5.8V 13.7W 25x25x4mm Peltier Modulis
Peltire Plate, also semiconductor cooler, is a heat sink device taking advantage of the Peltier effect. It’s solid, reliable, noise free and vibration fre..
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TEC1-19906 6A 24V 120W 40x40x4mm Peltier Modulis
Main Color: White; Cable Length(Approx): 30cm; Current: 6A; Power: 120W; Rated Voltage: DC24V. ..
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TEC1-12709 9A 12V 137W 40x40x3.3mm Peltier Modulis
Maximum use temperature: 68'C Working current: Imax = 9A Vmax voltage: DC 15.4V Power cord: Red and black lead with stripped soldered ends Aplications: ..
TEC1-12706 5A 12V 60W 40x40x3.5mm Peltier Modulis
Its work is characterized by side refrigeration and side fever. Hot and cold on both sides of the temperature difference of 68 degrees Connected to the 12-volt ..
SP1848-27145 40x40x3.6mm Peltier Modulis
-Small size, -Light weight, long life, -No moving parts, easy to move, -High reliability and no pollution -Colding side posts with the words -Heating side ..
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