CSR8645 4.0 Bluetooth ryšio modulis

Prekės kodas: AS1150
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HS1150 CSR8645 4.0 support APTX high quality lossless compression speaker amplifier low power Bluetooth audio module

Master chip CSR8645 Bluetooth stereo audio module can call the Bluetooth headsetCan be connected to two mobile phone CSR better sound Bluetooth 4.0, through the wall effect is good, APT-x high quality transmissionCSR8645 software version introduction:1. Key: There are 6 function keys: POWER-EN, PLAY, VOL +, VOL-, PREV, NEXT.

Key functions are described below:

The same time as the above-POWER-EN: When using the switch control module switch machine, by turning the switch, whenPOWER-ENWhen connected to BAT, the module is powered on;

whenPOWER-ENWhen the BAT is disconnected, the module is shut down and is normally used when the battery is poweredThe

When using the module power on, you only need toPOWER-ENSeries 10K resistor connected to the BAT, you can achieve the module power on, usually used in the external power supply.

PLAY: Play / Pause (short press), connect / hang up (long press, slightly longer), re-paired (long press)

VOL +: volume plus

The same time as the above-VOL-: volume minusThe same time as the above-PREV: Previous songThe same time as the above-NEXT: next song2. LED: pairing state, double lights alternately flashing, pairing, single light flashing;3. USB sound card function;4. 3.2V low alarm, 3.0V automatic shutdown, (to achieve the AMS1117 power supply);

5.The maximum charge current is set to 250MA, Full of lights on the extinguished, bright another light (personal recommended with the

charging module, fast);

6. No connection has been in the match;7. can be connected to two mobile phones;8. MUTE: Audio amplifier EN control pin, when in silence, after a period of time, the output low; when playing, the output high (1.8V).