Spaudimo jėgos jutiklis FSR402 - apvalus 19mm

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FSR402 a light weight, small size, high precision sensor, ultra-thin resistive pressure sensor.This kind of pressure sensor is to take place in FSR film sensor area pressure into the change of the resistance value, thus for pressure information.The lower the pressure, the greater the resistance.Allow its use in place of pressure 100 g - 10 kg.The terminal holder sensor can be used in the manipulator with or without holding items, bionic robot first step walk the ground sensors, mammals bite test of biological experiments, application scope and widely. 

·       Sensing area (Sensing range) : 0.5 "circle 

·       The Output signal (Output signal) : Passive variable to hold 

·       The Force sensitive range (range), pressure test: 100 g to 10 kg 

·       Lifetime (life) : > 10 m letters actuations 

·       Dimensions:  

·       Overall length: 2.375" 

·       Overall width: 0.75" 

·       Sensing the diameter: 0.5"