Elektronikos rinkinys - Mini Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Kit

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This Tesla Kit on the basis of the general increase in the music player, you can play phone / computer music, clear sound. 15-24V DC input voltage, when 24V, 5 - 10 mm arc length meters is ideal, small size, power and energy range, can be a long uninterrupted work, you can also Taking lit LED, foam energy-saving lamps, flash frequency tube, you can play wireless power transmission, rotating arc and the like.


Power: 15W
Size: 38 * 79 mm / 1.5'' x 3.1''
Power input: DC 15-24v, current 2A, DC5.5 Interface
Audio input: 3.5mm jack, you can connect your phone, mp3, computer audio

Package included:

1 x DIY 24V 15W Mini Music Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Tesla Wireless Transmission Kit
1 x US Plug Adapter

Plasma stereo speakers:

the principle is to stimulate air arc plasma turned into air vibrations generated by the utterance of a new concept speaker, you can access your phone, mp3, computer audio input, this mini speaker Tesla arc plasma compared to the actual experience traditional speaker sound better high-frequency response, and spark plasma arc speakers have good sound quality, stable and secure, you can play any music, without grounding, easy to use features compared; there is no doubt as a home stereo player new member!

Wireless transmission principle:

A coil connected at both ends with both ends LED, near-emitting device, LED will Qiliang, the principle is resonant wireless power transfer

Fluorescent light principle:

Tesla coil secondary high intensity electromagnetic waves emitted when the inert gas inside a tube in the high pressure ionization, forming a gas conduction current, movement of gas ions collide with mercury atoms between the action continue to give the mercury atomic energy, so that the total mercury atoms extranuclear from low orbit transitions to a high orbit after extranuclear mercury atoms due to the high energy and then spontaneously transition from high to low orbit track, in the form of photons release energy outward, and because the general line of atomic characteristics of mercury atoms are concentrated in the ultraviolet region, found that mercury atoms release photons in the ultraviolet region most of these high-energy ultraviolet light and phosphors between impact-generated white light (or other colors of light, depending on the color phosphors).

SAFETY Precautions:

Do not put your phone, mp3 and other electronic equipment near the coil, the coil generates a high frequency magnetic field would otherwise interfere with such mobile phones, mp3 and other equipment failure or damage!
The product safe to use, power is not high, not dangerous because of an electric shock, but it is not recommended to touch the top of the coil arc, there will be a burning sensation.
After long power Do not touch the heat sink, the temperature is very high, especially when using a huge heat 24v high-voltage, set aside a fan interface, plus cooling fan if necessary.
It is recommended not to work at Tesla coil body or other objects close to the coil, the coil within half a meter next to other objects can not be left blank, because other objects as a good conductor coil will form a good loop, coil absorb energy, so Waters then pull the coil or unable to demonstrate the effect of variation demo!

Frequently asked questions:

1. Red led does not light: led light clean against damage or secondary coil wire not welding. Check transistor model is mounted on.
2. If the primary coil and secondary coil ignition: pine from the primary coil secondary coil above 1 mm, that is, primary too close to secondary.
3. Arc small voice: If too small please check input voltage and power is adequate, sound lower than 15v 2A does not work or is too small, high input voltage, arc became loud, Max 24V, itself sound is not very loud, can make the trumpet sound amplification, similar to a phonograph.