Lipni vario folijos juosta 0.055mmx30mmx1m

Prekės kodas: IVAR30
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Size: 30mm x 25M x 0.06mm (thickness)

Type: Double Sided Conductive

Technical Parameters (Data from manufacture, only for reference)

Material: Copper 99.98%

Backing Thickness: 0.05mm

Adhesive Thickness: 0.035mm

Fabric of Adhesive: conductive adhesive (Acrylic)

Adhesiveness: 1.5~1.3kg/25mm

Temperature Resistant: -10centidegree~120 centi degree

Strength: 4.5kg~4.8kg/mm

Elongation: 7-7%~3-4%

Test Condition: 25centidegree 65%PH