USBtinyISP AVR Bootloader Programatorius

Prekės kodas: AN0214-150A
EAN: 4779044516308
Prieinamumas: Turime parduotuvėje Vilniuje
Be mokesčių: 8.76€


USBtinyISP is designed for AVR ,based on USB connector’s ISP download wire, officially supported by ForArduino IDE.The ForArduino IDE compatible USBtinyISP download cable, mainly used to download the bootloader


  • ISP interface:10needle , 6 needle
  • Size : 28.8mmx65mm(approx)
  • 6pin cable:13cm(approx)
  • USB cable:30cm(approx)
  • Power supply options: external power supply and USB power (if the use of external power supply chip please send ISP10 near the blue jumper cap removed)




Package includes:

  • USB cable x 1
  • USBtinyISP AVR ISP Programmer x 1
  • 6pin Programming cable x 1