WiFi valdiklis 3528 5050 RGB LED juostoms

Prekės kodas: AS0698
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 14.46€



·       1.Working Voltage: DC5-28V

·       2.Output channel: Can be used 3/4 channel, RGB/RGBW channel

·       3.Output current: RGB: 3A*3 , RGBW: 3A*4 

·       4.Connect method: Common anode

·       5.Dimension: L 53mm * 24mm *11mm

·       6.Distance: 50m MAX

·       7.Connect way: R,G,B,W for LED Light, for Power supply, ANT for WIFI Signal Reception.

·       8.Software: Android system(at least 2.3 version with wifi function) or IOS system.

·       9.Connect way: connect with RGB/RGBW led strip.

·       10.Max supported by 10m led strip.



·       1.16 Million Colors

·       2.Smartphone Control

·       3.Sync Control by Group

·       4.Custom mode

·       5.Timer Mode

·       6.Kickstart your party

·       7. Light Dancing with Music

·       8.Save Favourite Colors

·       9.Remote control by Intenet 

·       10.A Varity of functions :16 Million Colors / Smart Phone Control / Sync Control by Group / Custom mode / Timer Mode Kickstart your party / Light Dancing with Music / Save Favourite Colors / Remote Control by Internet

·       11.Can use 8 Phones to control one WiFi controller

·       12.There are 3 ways to control the WiFi controller : Single Mode / Network Mode/ Remote control by Internet

·       13. A wide variety of choices : Color ring function, Music control function, Built-in dynamic mode function, Custom mode function etc.

·       In Single mode, one phone can control 1pcs WiFi controller. In network Mode, how many Wifi Controllers one phone can sync control is same as how many devices one WiFi router can works with.

Product description:

·       1.Support both wifi control of iOS products (such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac), and Android mobile devices such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc.

·       2.This controller is designed for LED strip, module etc. After easy installation and settings, you can use you phone (IOS or Android system) to control the light.

·       3.Switch freely via phone between stand-alone and on-line modes. The remote control distance can reach 50 meters.

·       4.Small-sized, energy-efficient, environmental protection, great convenience and humanized design.