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Atsuktuvas su keičiamais antgaliais (9vnt.) SD-9814 Pro'sKit
Features: Torx bits for mobile phones and other electronic applications Slotted and Phillips bits for general purpose applications Convenient bit storage i..
Atsuktuvas su keičiamais antgaliais (58vnt.) SD-9828 Pro'sKit
SD-9828 is a complete screwdriver set includes the essential bits for smartphone opening of tablets, notebooks, electronic device cases and most branded v..
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Atsuktuvas su keičiamais antgaliais (30vnt.) SD-9608 Pro'sKit
Features: Aluminum handle with rubber grip provides user comfort Linkage structure of bits tray for easy bits change and storage Covering most common use b..
Atsuktuvas precizinis su keičiamais antgaliais (18vnt.) SD-9811 Pro'sKit
·  Reversible precision blades ensure perfect fit every time·  Plastic box with black EVA holds each item firmly·  With fast..
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1 pc. 6.35 mm magnetic-bit-holder12 pcs. hexagonal-bits (2; 2,5; 3; 4; 5; 6; 1/8; 3/32; 5/32; 5/64; 7/64; 9/64); 4 pcs. tri-wing-bits (1-2-3-4);3 pcs. Philips-b..
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