CAN-Bus Shield v2.0 - Arduino priedėlis
SpecifikacijaPalaiko CAN v2.0B iki 1 Mb/s Ryšys: SPI iki 10 MHz5 V įtampa.2 buferiai, prioriteto duomenų saugojimui9-pin D-sub jungtis2 Grove 4-pin jungtys..
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W5100 Ethernet priedėlis
W5100 Ethernet priedėlis
Anodas electronics
Arduino Ethernet priedėlis leidžia Arduino plokštei prisijungti prie interneto. W5100 Ethernet priedėlio pagrindas - WIZnet W5100 tinklo valdiklis. Wiznet W5100..
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USB Host Priedėlis
Compatible the google android ADK, supporting android phone: G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Droid X. Mobile systems need to upgrade to Android 2.3.4, tablet P..
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ENC28J60 Ethernet Priedėlis Arduino Nano Mikrovaldikliui
With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino Nano board can be used to connect to internet Controller: Microchip's ENC28J60 ethernet / HR911105A Works as server or c..
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Waveshare GSM/GPRS/GPS SIM808 Shield - Arduino Priedėlis
Features General Arduino connectivity, compatible with UNO, Leonardo, NUCLEO, XNUCLEO Onboard USB TO UART converter CP2102 for UART debugging 5 x LEDs for indi..
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DFRobot SIM800H GPRS IOT - Arduino Priedėlis
INTRODUCTION This is a GPRS/GSM Arduino Shield developed by DFRobot. It is a GPRS, DTMF, TTS speech all in one shield. Its  operating freqency is EGSM 9..
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DFRobot RS485 Shield - Arduino Priedėlis
Arduino RS485 is an industrial standard for long distance, anti-interferrence and reliable communication.   So we create this RS485 Arduino shield, espec..
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DFRobot RS232 Shield - Arduino Priedėlis
This RS232 Shield For Arduino is designed for the Arduino controller and it can easily convert UART to RS232 interface.   The RS232 shield integrates D..
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DFRobot GPS/GPRS/GSM SIM908 - Arduino Priedėlis
INTRODUCTION This is an Arduino GPS/GPRS/GSM shield from DFRobot. This shield with a Quad-band GSM/GPRS engine works on frequencies EGSM 900MHz/DCS 1800MHz..
DFRobot Ethernet Shield - W5200
INTRODUCTION This Arduino-sized Ethernet Shield is based on the Wiznet W5200 Ethernet Chip, and provides an easy way of getting your Arduino Online. Fits all..
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DFRobot CAN-Bus Shield v2.0 - Arduino Priedėlis
INTRODUCTION This is an Arduino Can Bus shield.  It is compatible with the Arduino standard interface and can be stacked on an Arduino UNO, Leonardo or ..
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