Aukščio jutiklis CNC staklėms - TOUCH PROBE PB2

Prekės kodas: AS1228
Prieinamumas: Parduotuvėje Vilniuje YRA
Parduotuvėje Kaune YRA
Be mokesčių: 6.69€


CNC router engraving MACH3 machine Tool Setting Auto-Check instrument dia 35mm

Diameter : (Approx.) 35mm
Height : (Approx.) 20mm
Effective surface of the knife : 25mm diameter

Including alligator clips.
Cable length : 1.2 m, diameter : 0.2 square feet.

Usage : 
The wire connect on the control panel interface.
The clip and the control board GND (negative) is connected.
The tool can be clamped portion of the operation when the knife with a clip.
When the tool contacts the knife that the process is complete.