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Šešiabriaunių raktų komplektas (9 vnt.) HW-129 Pro'sKit
HW-129, 9PCS Long Arm Hex Key Set (1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10mm) ‧ Material: SAE6150 Chrome vanadium steel‧ Long arm type‧ With satin finish   Tip s..
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Elektrinis atsuktuvas su keičiamais antgaliais (20vnt) XIAOMI WOWSTICK 1P+
Main Features:● An electric screwdriver, with 20pcs screw bits● Slim S2 aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design, easy to use● Equipped with ..
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Atsuktuvų komplektas (31vnt.) SD-9802 Pro'sKit
Features: Smooth rotating cap for easy screw/unscrew quickly without lifting the bits Ergonomic designs with non-slip and dual color TPR handle for operatio..
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Precizinių atsuktuvų ir remonto įrankių rinkinys SD-9322M Pros'Kit
Idealiai tinka kompiuterinės technikos ir mobiliųjų telefonų taisymo darbams, pavyzdžiui, "iPhone 6/7/8 / X", "Samsung", "Huawei" ir kt. Turinys: 1 pc Alumi..
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Atsuktuvų rinkinys (22vnt.) SD-2319 Pro'sKit
Features Faster than a ratcheting wrench, the palm ratchets for easy operate in limited areas Combine with ergonomic aluminum handles, provides maximum spee..
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Atsuktuvų komplektas (6vnt.) 8PK-2061 Pro'sKit
(-) 1.4 × 20mm, 1.8 × 20mm, 2.4 × 20mm(+) #00 × 20mm, #0 × 20mm, #1 × 20mm..
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Atsuktuvas su keičiamais antgaliais (58vnt.) SD-9828 Pro'sKit
SD-9828 is a complete screwdriver set includes the essential bits for smartphone opening of tablets, notebooks, electronic device cases and most branded v..
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Įrankių rinkinys mobiliems telefonams 22vnt
1. Brand new repair tool set2. Light weight,convenient to carry3. With these repair tools, you'll be able to easily disassemble your phones4. Quick disassemble ..
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Atsuktuvo antgalių rinkinys 33vnt.
1 pc. 6.35 mm magnetic-bit-holder12 pcs. hexagonal-bits (2; 2,5; 3; 4; 5; 6; 1/8; 3/32; 5/32; 5/64; 7/64; 9/64); 4 pcs. tri-wing-bits (1-2-3-4);3 pcs. Philips-b..
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Raktų komplektas 7vnt. 1PK-9402 Pro'sKit
Extra-thin walled, with Duplex color rubber handles for hexagon nuts and bolts, Complete set pack with vinyl pouch. Contents:3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm,..
Įrankių rinkinys iPhone remontui (6vnt) PK-9110 Pro'sKit
6 PCS iPhone 3/4 Disassemble Set is a professional, portable and complete kit. Perfect fit for Apple iPhone 3 & 4 repair, also allows opening of many other ..
Įrankių rinkinys iPhone 5 remontui
iPhone 5 / iPad repair kit for professionals Specifications pentalobe/pentacle star screwdriver 0.8 pentalobe/pentacle star screwdriver 1.2 Phillips screw..
Elektrinis atsuktuvas 3.6V su keičiamais antgaliais (4vnt.) PT-1361F Pro'sKit
1300mAh Li-ion Battery. Long life battery pack, anti-pollution. Dual angle adjustment allows straight and angle use 6+1 Adjustable torque settings..
Atsuktuvų komplektas (7vnt.) SD-081A Pro'sKit
Features Made of AISI 8660 Chrome-Molybdenum Vanadium Steel with satin finish. Smooth rotational cap for easy screw/unscrew quickly without lifting the bits..
Atsuktuvų komplektas (6vnt.) SD-9805 Pro'sKit
SD-9805, 6PCS Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set Provides Shock Protection to 1000V AC Meet VDE Standards for safety to 1000V AC Both sets come complete w..
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