USB loginis analizatorius RL0443W SCM 24MHz 8 kanalų 24M/sek.

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USB loginis analizatorius SCM 24MHz 8 kanalų 24M/sek.


USB Logic SCM 24MHz 8 Channel 24M/seconds Logic Analyzer Debugger for ARM FPGA Logic Analyzer Logic 24M 8CH


Logical channel sampling rates up to time of 24M/seconds. Application about 10M in General, sufficient to meet a variety of uses. 
Logic 8 input-can be collected. signal analysis, sampling such as I2C,UART. 
Logic can sample up to 10 billion, let you capture even the most elusive of the event. 
Protection logic input resistors, overvoltage protection and buffer chips. Better protection of safety equipment. 
Sampling rate up to: 24 MHz 
Logic: 5V voltage, received 5.25 V 
Standard CMOS logic threshold 0.8V low level. 2.0Vlogic high. 
Input impedance of approximately 1m ohm or more 
Size: approx. 55*23*13mm/2.16*0.9*0.51'' 
USB cable length: approx. 80cm/31.49'' 
DuPont cable length: approx.285mm/11.22'' 
1、24M 8CH logic analyzer host 1 set.
2、10 lines of colored DuPont lines (10 different colors).
3、1 high-quality USB-MINI line