16x2 LCD Ekranas Su Klaviatūra Banana Pi

Gamintojas: Banana Pi
Prekės kodas: BNN-03756
EAN: 4779044510344
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 15.54€

The RGB1602 Display module is specifically designed for Banana Pi. The module has a  16x2 character LCD screen and it communicates with Banana Pi via I2C. In addition there are five programmable keys and an RGB LED on the module. User can use Python or C (wiringPi) to drive the module with simple code.

This pi plate is perfect for when you want to build a stand-alone project with its own user interface. The 4 directional buttons plus select button allows basic control without having to attach a bulky computer.

This module comes fully assembled and it comes with a stacking header to add that little extra height to stack it on top of the Banana Pi M1 board.

  • 16x2 LCD screen
  • RGB LED on board
  • 5 programmable single keys
  • Communicates via I2C
  • Can be controlled by the program backlit lights out
  • Mounts on the Banana Pi GPIO port
  • Working voltage: 5.0VDC
  • ASC II string can be sidplay
  • Use MCP23017 to expand IO
  • comes with stacking header.